LAMASUS Policy Advisory Board member Tassos Haniotis was awarded the EAAE fellowship

LAMASUS Policy Advisory Board member Tassos Haniotis, awarded the EAAE fellowship at the EAAE Congress in RENNES in recognition of his relevant and continuous contribution to the advancement of agricultural economics

LAMASUS Policy Board Meeting June 2023

LAMASUS Policy Advisory Board meeting, June, 2023. The Policy Advisory Board provided guidance and feedback for key project achievements. A summary is available here.

Policy Advisory Board

The LAMASUS Policy Advisory Board (PAB) gathers EU-level policy makers and agencies. PAB members provide updates on the evolution of the policy context, advise the Consortium to maximize the policy relevance of project outputs, and provide feedback on the policy options considered, the LAMASUS Portal, and project results.

PAB members are providing their feedback during the two-day annual consortium meetings and will also meet online once a year to provide feedback on specific project output.