LAMASUS Modelling Portal

The LAMASUS Modelling Portal is a key outcome of this project, where we link the geodatabase with key tools and models that are being used to set environmental targets and policies in local, national and EU land-use policy impact assessments.

The LAMASUS Portal includes the following components: 

    • The Data Repository: hosts project data using an API for automatised access.
    • The Model Repository: hosts model software codes and documentation on how to update the scenarios and run the projections.
    • The High-resolution Scenario Validator: visualizes interim modelling results from the Database and provides an interface for standardized feedback. This is to be used throughout the project in Stakeholder Workshops (WS2, WS3, WS4) to assess the accuracy of the results.
    • The Data and Scenario Explorer: provides a web-based interface that allows for in-depth visualizations of projected national, and supra-national times series data and long-term scenario outputs, and, allow for selection and download of the Data and Model Repository content.
    • The Land Policy Dashboard: visualizes aggregate data and model projections on policy relevant maps, at NUTS2 to country level resolution, to allow for comparisons across spatial and/or variable dimensions.

    A beta version of the LAMASUS Portal will be available in 2025. Further information on how to access the LAMASUS Portal will then become available.