LAMASUS Policy Advisory Board member Tassos Haniotis recieved the EAAE fellowship award at the EAAE Congress in Rennes, France 

Big announcement from LAMASUS project: Tassos Haniotis, LAMASUS Policy Advisory Board member was awarded the EAAE fellowship at the EAAE Congress in Rennes, France in recognition of his relevant and continuous contribution to the advancement of agricultural economics. His contributions were particularly instrumental in

Bridging the gap between policy makers and agricultural economics research,

Bringing together scholars and policymakers

Strengthening the role of impact assessment in providing evidence basis for European Commission proposal

Tassos is an agricultural economist, Senior Guest Research Scholar at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and former Director at the European Commission, Directorate General for Agriculture: Strategy and Policy Analysis.

We congratulate Tassos Haniotis for this special honor.