First stakeholders board workshop on Land use management

April 2023

First Stakeholder Board workshop was held in April, 2023.  The board includes stakeholders including farmers, NGOs, interest groups, research institutes and ministry representatives active in the land use management. A total of 18 stakeholders participated in the first workshop. They received important information for the development of the LAMASUS project.

 The LAMASUS project aims to involve local stakeholders and consider local policies to achieve accurate results. To facilitate and ensure effective stakeholder engagement, the LAMASUS work plan foresees scoping policy needs and stakeholder dialogue. This process is centered around four Land-Management Stakeholder Workshops that guide, e.g., the thematic resolution of the LUM databases and impacts. Also, the multi-scale ex-post assessment of EU land-related policies will be presented to the Land-Management Stakeholders. Based on this, scenarios for medium- and long-term policy assessments will be developed, together with ex-post modellers and environmental modellers.