LAMASUS to hold joint Pre-Congress Workshop with BrightSpace project at EAAE 2023

August 2023

Join us for an exciting joint workshop on August 29th, 2023, as the LAMASUS project collaborates with the BrightSpace Project at the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) Congress.

This workshop is dedicated to advancing models that advise the European Commission on critical issues like the Green Deal and food security, which are increasingly vital in the face of climate change and geopolitical challenges. 

During the workshop, we will showcase ongoing efforts to update and align baseline scenarios to the latest mid-term future projections. These forward-looking projections will be presented by models focusing on land-use and management. Our esteemed partners from the two policy-relevant Horizon Europe projects will share the challenges and potential solutions in developing a consistent medium-term baseline for the new Common Agricultural Policy implementation model across economic models. 

Together, we will explore the baseline harmonization efforts of both projects, including initial results from the LAMASUS scenario explorer. And, delve deeper into the main integrated assessment models of the projects, including CAPRI, GLOBIOM, MAGNET, IMAGE, and FARM-DYN. 

The workshop will also feature keynote speeches by the OECD and JRC, offering valuable insights into the current agriculture outlooks.  

The EAAE brings together agricultural economists and individuals interested in the problems of the agricultural, food, and rural development sectors in Europe. The EAAE main objectives are to promote knowledge and understanding of agricultural economics, especially within the European context, and to facilitate the exchange of experiences, ideas, and information among agricultural economists.  

The Congress will take place in Rennes, France, from August 29thto September 1st, 2023. 

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Join us for an enriching exchange of ideas and insights about our exciting baseline development activities. We look forward to meeting you at the workshop!