The LAMASUS project held its Annual consortium meeting on 28-29. November 2023, in The Hague, Netherlands


The LAMASUS project consortium met to celebrate the project achievements, discuss future activities, current challenges, upcoming project deliverables and milestones.

The program of the two day event was packed with exciting discussions:


Day 1:

Project partners provided a short update about the key achievements of the project and touch based on central issues, followed by interactive demonstrations of the geodatabase. Then, the consortium had a first look at the policy database and drivers. Also, a roadmap for the ex-post econometric work was presented. To keep the discussions lively, several break out sessions were planned, including (i) policy relevant land use management (LUM) classes represented across the project, (ii) organic farming and extensive/intensive grasslands, (iii) planning for next steps, (iv) preparation of the 2nd stakeholder workshop and (iv) joint summer school with the BrightSpace project.


Day 2:

The second day started with opening remarks from the scientific coordinator, followed by the break out sessions on (i) policy relevant LUM classes represented across the project, (ii) multi-functional forests, (iii) peatland rewetting, (iv) future plans, (v) joint activities between LAMASUS and its sister project BrightSpace, (vi) case studies and roadshows. The results of the breakout sessions were reported in the plenary, linking all results into the LAMASUS modelling toolbox.


We are also excited that the project officer from EU joined us and addressed the consortium. Also, the Policy Advisory Board members provided their valuable feedback on the project progress and advised us on how we can best advance our efforts to achieve project goals.