LAMASUS Stakeholder Board met in March 2024

The LAMASUS second Stakeholder Board workshop was opened by LAMASUS coordinators Petr Havlik and Tamás Krisztin, who welcomed all participants!

On the first day, Simon Kay from EU DG Clima and Tassos Haniotis from IIASA gave keynotes on Climate policies, market trends, Land use pressures and sustainability challenges.

Linda See from IIASA presented a first version of the Land Use Management Geodatabase.

The first day ended with lively breakout sessions on the land use management geodatabase.

On day 2, Anna Renhart and Tamás Krisztin discussed the relevance and utilty of LAMASUS policy database for the stakeholders. Felicity Addo presented her research on the impact of land use changes on productivity at farm levels. There was also a breakout session on Carbon accounting, biodiversity impact assessment and cost evaluation led by Tamás Krisztin

Petr Havlik and Tamás Krisztin wrapped up the meeting by providing the outlook of the LAMASUS project for the year and future occassions for interactions with the stakeholders.

We thank the stakeholders for the fruitful interactions and discussions, which we will incorporate in our future work!